KGI uses a digital process to setup your account and train your staff. From there, your staff can request and receive reports through your company’s own portal.



Your applicant data is safe with KGI. Our screening platform utilizes military-grade AES-256 encryption end-to-end and on data at rest. Our triple-redundant data centers are physically secure and are AICPA SOC 2 compliant.


Our screening platform connects to more than 3,000 digital sources of information throughout the United States. From the moment you request a report, our systems are working to retrieve information on your applicants. Status reports are available in real-time to your staff.



Our secure, cloud-based platform utilizes the principles of Software as a Service (SaaS), enabling the continuous improvement of the platform as technology, regulations and customer needs evolve. This approach minimizes downtime and reduces the learning curve as new features are made available.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) includes specific requirements for legal background checks on applicants. These requirements include disclosing to an applicant that you intend to conduct a background check, obtaining their consent to conduct a background check, validating adverse information obtained from data sources prior to release, and a process to notify applicants of adverse findings of the background check. Many online background checks do not meet these requirements, placing your company at risk for legal action. KGI only conducts background checks that are FCRA-compliant.


Many background check companies rely on technology, but few recognize the equal importance of devoted customer service. Every one of KGI’s customers, no matter how big or small, works directly with an account manager and their team lead who work with you from start to finish on each applicant. You always have direct phone and email access to your account manager to answer any questions or concerns you have.


Our KGI/360 screening platform is fast, easy and secure. Place orders on any device with a modern web browser at any time and from anywhere you can securely access the Internet. Whether you work with one applicant a month, or thousands, KGI/360 and our team of researchers are ready to provide you the whole picture.