Before you trust an applicant,
Start with the facts.

KGI's Core Suite of products is the starting point for establishing a relationship of trust and respect with your applicants.

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Our Criminal/360 Core Suite

Our two-step process plus standard features are the foundation of a comprehensive background check.

Standard Features

Every KGI criminal background check includes these standard features:



KGI only reports derogatory information that is verified at the primary source.

100% Digital Process

Order, track, and receive your reports online, 24/7. Have questions or need support? We offer online support tools to keep things simple and fast.

No-Cost Adverse Action Tools

Simplify your adverse action process and enhance your compliance with our free, electronic notice and tracking options.

Step 1: Breadth of Search

Our Three-Layer Approach to Ensuring Maximum Court Records Coverage.


1st layer

Applicant-Disclosed Addresses

We gather addresses of where your applicant has lived, worked, and attended school

2nd Layer


Identity Development Search

We use public records to find any additional address history that was not disclosed by your applicant

3rd Layer

Criminal/360 National Net

Alias Name Search +
National Database Scan

We reference your applicant's name, address history, and public records against more than 2,500 databases and known alias names

Step 2: Depth of Search

We use the data discovered in Step 1 to access primary-source, FCRA-compliant criminal data from local, state, and federal criminal courts.

Criminal Court Record Packages

We offer four standard criminal screening packages that are the foundation of any background check. Choose the one that best fits your organization's requirements. Change packages at any time upon request, or add additional a la carte criminal court searches on an as-needed basis.


What if my applicant exceeds the included searches?

No problem at all. We will complete the additional searches as needed. You'll receive a 10% discount off our {retail a la carte prices}.

Can I change our core package or have more than one?

Definitely. Just reach out to KGI/Care to request a change or to add/delete additional core packages.

What if none of these core packages fit my requirements?

We offer an Enterprise customer program that allows you to customize just about any aspect of your screening products, provided they are compliant with federal, state, and local law, and meet KGI's policies.

Volume and/or billing minimums may apply.

Reach out to us {HERE} for more information.