KGI offers a complimentary assessment of your company's background screening requirements

Screen your applicants with confidence using our KGI/360 system

KGI gets you the information you need faster through electronic integration with thousands of data sources nationwide, including more than 1500 county-level sources. With automated data retrieval and a dedicated team of researchers, we complete 87% of our background research in one business day or less. Our 100% digital process provides you real-time results, streamlines your staff's work and reduces office supply expenses.

Pre-built package pricing starts at $30 + taxes per applicant.

Custom screening packages are available to meet your exact requirements and budget.


✓ Social Security Validation & Address Trace

✓ Alias Trace

✓ County Criminal Research

✓ National & State Criminal Databases

✓ Federal Criminal Research

✓ 50-State Sex Offender Registries

✓ Comprehensive Financial & Terrorism Database Scan


✓ Employment Verification

✓ Education Verification

✓ Employment & Personal Reference Checks

✓ Professional License & Certification Verification

✓ 50-state Instant Motor Vehicle Record

✓ Employment Credit Report*

*access to credit reports requires an on-site inspection with periodic re-inspection.


Additional Solutions

Integrated Drug Screening:

Simplify your drug screening process. KGI integrates the ordering, scheduling and result receipt into our KGI/360 system.

Your applicants can complete their tests at any Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp location nationwide.

✓ Five-Panel Urine Test

✓ Ten-Panel Urine Test

✓ DOT-Compliant Drug Panel

✓ Simple Re-screening

✓ Medical Review Officer (MRO)

For the Healthcare Industry:

With instant access to more than 3,000 industry-specific data sources, KGI helps mitigate risk, improve compliance, and simplify your hiring process.

✓ More than 2500 State-Level Medical Boards

✓ Medical License Verification

✓ Medicare Opt-Out Lists

✓ Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

✓ Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

✓ HHS Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

✓ System for Award Management (SAM)